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Funny adult bath toys


Are you in search of an adorable and entertaining bath companion. Toys that are cute, indiscreet and gives you pleasure in your bathtub or jacuzzi. Alone or with your partner, these funny adult bath toys are an original choice.

Discover the “I rub my Duckie” collection from “Big Teaze Toys”. A line of waterproof, personal massagers disguised as that icon of playfulness, The rubber Duckie. Funny and innovative. You will love them.

Big Teaze Toys: Toys that play with you.

Created in 1997 by Tony Levine, Big Teaze Toys is a Los Angeles-based product design and manufacturing company with as goal creating fun and innovative products for adults.

The best known product is “I rub my Duckie”. It received international attention from consumers and mainstream media with their unique, cute and innovative look.

All the toys meet international safety standards and are completely free of latex, heavy metals and phthalates. the products are lab tested to assure their compliance and safety.

Since, these products are a softer version of the common adult toys. They sell well as a mainstream household product for the bathroom.

The “I Rub My Duckie” Collection.

“I Rub My Duckie” Collection is available in different funny versions.

  1. I Rub My Duckie ® Classic
  2. I Rub My Duckie ® Paris
  3. I Rub My Duckie ® Bondage Series
  4. I Rub My Duckie ® Collector Series

I Rub My Duckie® Classic.

I Rub My Duckie® is the vibrating rubber duckie that started a revolution in discreet personal massagers. Perfect for in the bathtub or in the jacuzzi. The quiet 3 speed motor provides powerful waves of pleasure up and over the head and tail to soothe the stress and tensions of your day. Waterproof and playful, I Rub My Duckie® is the most adorable, funny and entertaining bath companion one could wish for.


Almost half the size of the Classic original floating toy, The Travel-Size I Rub My Duckie ® is packed with power and ready to go on any adventure. Don’t let his compact size fool you – he might be small, but he is verry mighty! This little Duckie offers amazingly strong vibrations and is still quiet and waterproof, Beware. Available in different colors.


I Rub My Duckie® Paris.

The embodiment of the Parisian style and seDucktion, elegantly dressed in a feathered boa with a genuine Swarovski crystal beak jewel like the Moulin rouge style, her name is Paris. Waterproof, removable boa and verry discreet. Available in different colors.


I Rub My Duckie® Bondage series.

This little Duckie is into Hardcore Fashion. Never one to sacrifice glamour for sexiness, this naughty vixen is designed to please and to tease With a luminous, ultra-feminine laced corset, spiked collar and a genuine Swarovski crystal in her sparkling silver beak, the Bondage Fashionista sexy Duckie is just the right size to slip into your bag or pocket to make all your trips a sexy adventure. When you’re ready for pleasure, her quiet, but surprisingly powerful, vibrations will get you in touch with your ruff side.You will make the bathroom wet.


I Rub My Duckie® Collectors series.

All over the world animal hats are all the rage in fashion-forward stores… “What is it with humans… and ravers alike?”, these furry head warmers are adorable and now available in the Big Teaze Toys, Furry Hoodie Collection. I Rub My Duckie® with Kitty Hoodie, is the 1st in the series of these collectibles


I Rub My Duckie | Pirate – Travel Size.

The 3rd release in the Collector’s Serie and quite the handsome scallywag, dressed in period costume and (removable) captain’s hat. Like all I Rub My Duckie products, the Pirate Duckie is strong and quiet. The perfect bath toy.

“Big Teaze Toys” Offers other adult bath toys as well.

-The rocket Vibrator.

Meet the Rocket Vibrator! It’s the new toy by “Big Teaze Toys”. Shaped like a retro-styled rocket, this vibe will take you to the stars and back for more. It’s streamlined for easier insertion. With a flared base for a good grip. The Rocket Vibrator will bring you to seventh heaven.

The Rocket Vibrator is a high-quality waterproof vibe. The vibe is easy to use and is designed for a fun pleasure product that’s not sleazy, not super slick or hyper feminine, but fun, functional and affordable.

Like all “Big Teaze Toys” products The Rocket Vibrator contains no latex, phthalates or heavy metals. It’s 12.7cm tall and comes with the Lunar display stand. Available in courageous red and fearless yellow

-The kokeshi series.

Originally made during The Edo period in Japan (1600-1868). This Traditional Kokeshi Dolls were crafted by Kijiya artisans in the Miyagi prefecture to sell to visitors. Who came to bathe and relax in the local hot springs. The waterproof, battery-powered Kokeshi dancers features a quiet motor to bring you 3 speeds of pleasurable vibrations.

Again like all “Big Teaze Toys” products, Kokeshi dancers contains no latex, phthalates or heavy metals. Available in two collectible styles, these exotic companions add a sensual element to your spa or bath.



– Shop the full collection here at 99pleasures

Discover the full “Big Teaze Toys” collection here at 99pleasures.com. We are official re-sellers and are pleased to help you out if you have any questions. Your daily bath or spa session will be funny with this adult bath toys. Enjoy.

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  1. I like all of the cute outfits for the duckies. I may know a couple of people that will benefit from this page. It’s nice to see this option available for people when sometimes “bath toys” are left out and friends and or family may accidentally see them.

    1. Hi Lee,

      Thx for the great reply. Always welcome.
      you’re right Thats one of the reasons that the collection is great.


  2. This is a fascinating way to relax and soothe the nervous system, especially when taking a nice heavenly steam bath. But my question is how do these adult toys work?

  3. OMG – This is awesome! The gift that keeps on giving lol! For real tho – this would make a great gift or gag gift for someone. My sister in law loves to host adult toy themed parties, I will share this website with her for sure.

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