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10 Ways to increase Sperm production naturally.

For many years some researchers find out that the sperm quality and fertility of Western men is in a decline. The study, that was made between 1973 and 2011 shows that the average sperm count (the total number of sperm present in one ejaculation(Semen) by the men) in Europe, North America and Australia has dropped by 60%. Very alarming results and those results to reverse it is still unknown. We can recommend you 10 ways to increase Sperm Production naturally.

10 Ways to increase sperm production naturally.

1) Good sleep and regular exercise.

It’s been proven by many studys that losing weight and regular exercise can boost and improved or increased sperm count. However, the science linking a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) and healthy sperm is still poor. Good sleep is a must for your body. While you sleep your body recover from the past day, so he starts the process of recovering and that play’s a role for your sperm cells as well.

2) Reduce the stress in daily life.

Stress is a big silent killer. The body can take a defensive reaction and conserve energy. When you are not stressed the body become less concerned for reproduction and automatically more focused on surviving. By exercising and a daily healthful diet you can lessen the effects of stress.

3) Stop smoking

Smoking reduces sperm count drastically. Enough studys has proven this.

4) Try to avoid several prescription medication.

Some prescription medication can decrease the production of sperm cells. If you stop taking the medication the sperm count can recover and become back normal or even increase.

Some medication you should avoid that reduce the production of sperm includes:

  • Some antibiotics
  • Antipsychotics
  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Exogenous Steroids
  • Methadon
  • Anti Inflammatories

    5) Avoid too much alcohol and Drug use.

    Study’s have linked the worldwide use of drugs such as Alcohol, Marijuana and Cocaine to be very harmful for the production of sperm cells and even has an effect of decreasing the sperm count.

    6) Take enough vitamin D and Calcium.

    Vitamin D and Calcium serum seems to have a positive impact on the sperm health. A study has shown how lower your dietary intake of vitamin D how lowered the sperm count as well. Researchers are not totally sure why.

    7) Ashwaganda treatment.

    Aswaganda (Withania Somnifera) has been described in the traditional Indian medicine as an aphrodisiac treatment that is used for sexual dysfunction and infertility. A study with patients with a low sperm count and volume started to take an Ashwaganda root extract treatment for 90 days. After the treatment the results showed that the sperm count increased with 167% and the sperm volume increased with 53%. So Ashwaganda is a proven treatment that can increase sperm production naturally.

    8) Increase healthy fats.

    Omega 3 and Omega 6 are polyunsaturated fats or healthy fats. They are very important for the development of the sperm membrane. If you take these 2 healthy fats in equal quantities it’s could be ideal for sperm development and antioxidant benefits.

    9) Take enough Folate and Zinc.

    Folate occurs naturally in foods such as citrus fruits, eggs, Broccoli, Asparagus, Beets. Zinc is vital for the development and function of male sex organs. Zinc supplements could be used for treatment for ED (erectile dysfunction) and helps to increase sperm count. Some studys has showed that consuming folate and zinc in combination can increase the overall sperm health and the sperm total count.

    10) Fenugreek Extract.

    Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a plant with many benefits. Popular in Indian and Arabic cuisine to flavoring Curie dishes. The leaves can be used in salads. The Fenugreek seeds can be used as a supplement to increase sperm count and the overall semen quality. Fenugreek extract is used for long as a natural remedy for low sperm health.

    Foods that increase sperm production naturally.

    • Citrus Fruits
    • Whole wheat and grains
    • Dark chocolate
    • Garlic
    • Bananas
    • Ginseng
    • Walnuts
    • Asparagus
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Most shellfish, oysters are popular

    Sperm count change day by day.

    Your sperm count change day by day. It is likely different from yesterday and will be different tomorrow. How often you ejaculate has an effect on your day by day sperm count. Ejaculating less than 24 hours after the last time will lower your count, if you wait longer (5-6 days) can higher the count but reduce the quality of the sperm. Ejaculating every 2-3 days is a good tendency to optimize your sperm count

    The weather has also an impact on your sperm count. In cooler climates the sperm count can be higher than in warmer climates and in the winter it will be higher than in the summer.

    If you are interested in nutritional supplements to increase sperm production naturally you can check this article. We hope you find this article interesting and you always can let us a comment.



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    How to spice up your sex life with passion and romance.

    Hello and a warm welcome.

    When it comes to sex, even the most committed and deeply in love couples will face periods that intimacy rarely happens or not at all. There’s various and logical reasons for this – financial set backs, the birth of a baby, routine in the relationship, etc. And in some cases it will cause tension and stress. And most of the time sex loose against stress. So here we are and how to spice up your sex life with passion and romance.

    Physical Closeness: very important

    Less or no physical closeness can put significant strain on a relationship. Its important to avoid that temporary lack of physical closeness to become a normal thing in your relationship. Keep the fire burning I would say. Start by checking if the problem is not a physical problem (erectile dysfunction or pain in the vagina during intercourse). If this is the problem contact a doctor or specialist.

    But very important is that you are both on the same level and willing to solve the problem together. If both of you are functioning normally, and the two of you are unhappy about your sex life, there a lot of things both of you can do on how to spice up your sex life with trying NEW things. Feel free to appeal what fit your own sensibilities, life style and desires.

    Try something new: experiment.

    It could be just anything you and your partner are curious about or always wanting to experiment. Talk with each other. Try new positions or have sex somewhere else other than the sleeping room. The kitchen or the shower (great place by the way), your backyard maybe or in the back of the car or a hotel. Try sexting by sending each other naughty messages, be as vague or explicit as you wand. It will result in the 100-meter legs up.

    If your idea about experimentation is a little kinky, talk with your partner, be honest and open-minded about your or his/her pleasures or fantasies. You can consider using some erotic toys.

    Also consider non-sexual pursuits. Take a new hobby together. It can boost your intimacy simply by breaking the daily routine and having new experiences together. Make time for each other. But for couples who really wants to experiment new ways of passion and pleasures.

    We have a very Sensual all in one Brand to offer you. Specially developed for couples who wand to experiment in order to achieve more desire in there relationship. And we are pleased to review them to you.

    The Lovers Premium Forever Brand: How to spice up your sex life with passion and romance. Using “toys”

    Check out this Brand. It will surely give you some ideas. The products are beautifully packed, which will put lovers into a romantic vibe right away. Naughty, sexy, designed for her and him. Luxurious and affordable.

    The Lovers Premium products includes.

    • Massagers
    • Dice games
    • Magic Lubes
    • Vibrators for couples
    • Masturbators
    • Gift sets
    • And a sensual massage DVD


    The massagers collection of Lovers Premium includes full body massagers like:

    The Body octopuss massager

    This Massager has eight pressure points and is comfortably in the palm of your hand. Just vary the pressure for a firm hand massage or a sensitive touch. This massager is very compact, perfect to take with you anywhere you wand to go.

    • The size is around 8cm (HIGH) and 10cm (DIAMETER).
    • Its very light and handy designed for self massage.
    • Its shaped to apply pressure with no effort.
    • It comes in a beautiful gift box.
    • And its waterproof
    • Perfect to massage the back, the chest, the buttocks and the calf

    The body energy massager

    This special toy has three massaging balls that deliver a scintillating massage, which you can feel deep into your muscles. The three balls lighting up (very fun in the dark) and very handy to hold. The motor has a simple on/off button. It works with 3xAAA batteries (not included). Perfect to use for the muscles of the back, lower back, the neck and legs, also nice on the sole of the feet. Pleasure and relaxing guaranteed for a sensual massage of your partner

    The lovers premium wand massagers.

    The XL full body wand massager is a vibrating massager made from silicone and ABS-plastics. So how to use it (with your partner), “Doggie style” is a really good position to use it. Just bend over and place the wand massager right against your clitoris, while your partner can penetrate or pleasure you from behind. The massager don’t get in the way.

    Missionary is also a great position to use the wand massager. Raise your hips up by putting some pillows or using some sex furniture to help you (you can find sex furniture as well at under the category For Couples). Place the wand massager right on your clitoris, while putting your legs up around your partner.

    The possibilities are endless. Just be creative and enjoy it with your partner.

    The wand massager is made normally for external use only. Some wand massagers can have some attachments to it to use it internally. Regarding cleaning the toys. Washing, disinfecting and sterilizing it. Wash the wand massager before and after use. To disinfect it, as well as removing dust, any kinds of hair and lint before applying on the body. (DO NOT BOIL OR PLACE THE WAND MASSAGER IN THE DISH WASHER IT WILL HARM THE INTERNAL MOTOR). Use specified toy cleaners.

    -The Lovers Premium: XL full body massager Pink.

    – Or the Lovers Premium: O-Bunny

    A very naughty cute little Lovers Premium massager. Made with luxurious brushed silicone. Easy to grip in the hand and a very quiet but powerful motor. The Honey O-Bunny massager rocks 10 vibrating functions. It stimulates both sides of the clitoris at the same time. The led lights create facial expressions. The ears are not just for good-looking. They generate two powerful motors for great fun. The eyes are buttons to change intensity. With the two buttons you can control 10 functions. No batteries needed you can charge it with the adapter.

    How to spice up your sex life with dice games: Erotic moot.

    This is a very original and pleasure example of How to spice up your sex life with passion and romance. Play this fun and naughty game with your partner. Throw the three dices (purple for body parts, black for action and white for location). And experience some very amazing, erotic moments. This game is made for the exploration of new pleasure horizons.

    Content: 3 dices with a plush storage pouch.

    They come in four variables:

    • Erotic
    • Kamasutra
    • Kinky
    • Romantic

        Vibrator for her, Masturbator for him: Connecting pleasure.

        So this is the future of pleasure toys for more intense connection with your partner. Enjoy this couples set together or alone. It’s simple one toy for him and one toy for her. You can use it before or during sex. It’s include a rabbit vibrator and a vibrating masturbator. Can be charged with USB cable, they are waterproof and made of the finest body safe silicone material.

        The stylish Rabbit vibrate with a rotating g-spot stimulator and vibrating clitoris booster. The Vulcan masturbator vibrates and features also an acceleration button. It can be charged in 2.5 hours and can pleasure the two of you for about 80min. Combine it with your partner and reach seventh heaven together.

        Erotic Lubes.

        We advise you to use some erotic lube with those toys. Lovers Premium offers you a quality assortment. The lubricant is especially designed for the Lovers Premium collection. The lube bottles with pump is easy to dose which make it for durable use. The pump is hygienic and because there is no air returning it means the preservability is extra long. It’s safe to use with condom and it’s transparent , odorless and stain free. With medical grade ingredients. Bottles 50ml

        Available in 3 different sensations.

        • Lub Wet: makes it wetter
        • Lub Hot: Gives you a heating effect
        • Lub Cold: Ice cold feeling

        How to spice up your sex life with Passion and Romance: create a sensual and erotic environment.

        To create the perfect environment, you will need to bring some numbers of factors together. A comfortable and quiet environment is a must. Your home can be the best comfortable environment you can have. Close the doors, put out the cellphones, and prepare your room together with your partner or you let him/her know in advance that you have a little surprise waiting when they come back home.

        Add some soothing music background. It’s a great way to create a sensual environment for a great experience. It’s help your mind relaxing. Put on some candles, no lights or very low lights and some incense sticks to fill the room with good fragrances. You can strew some rose petals on the bed or in a nice warm bath (Lovers Premium offers the Bed Of Roses). Open a good bottle of wine, put on some relaxing sexy clothing or lingerie and you have created a sensual and erotic environment for the both of you. Time to spend some quality time.

        The Lovers Premium collection can help you out with some pleasure accessories to get you in the mood. You can start with an erotic massage to pleasure and relaxing each other with some erotic massage oils. And you can use the Body energy massager that we mentioned earlier.

        Also, an original way to experience a sensual massage is by using The massage candle Japanese plum.

        -Massage candle Japanese plum

        It’s a 4 in 1 massage candle: It’s a candle, a moisturizing lotion, a massage oil and body balm in one. GREAT, right? They are easy and fun to use. This scented massage candle is enriched with natural ingredients. The Japanese plum has a delicious oriental scent which will put you direct in the mood.

        – Another great and original toy is the hot massage heart. Available in 3 different colors.

        Intimacy Within seconds. You just need to bend the metal disc until crystals appear. The heart will get warm (be careful: the temperature can reach the 55 degrees Celsius). And will cool down in about 40 min. Use it to heat up and massage the body. You can reuse it by putting the heart in very warm water. When you see that all the crystals have been dissolved, you let it cool down and you can reuse your heart by bending it again. DO NOT PLACE IT IN THE MICROWAVE. Size 9cm x 9cm.

        -The Lovers Premium: Bed of Roses

        You can create the perfect romantic atmosphere with these rose petals and flickering led candles made from 100% polyester.

        – A very erotic and pleasurable sensation is the Lovers Premium: tease me and tickle me gift. Available in purple and pink.

          Set includes a blindfold, vi bro ring and a vibrating bullet or mini vibrator for the tease me gift set. The tickle me gift set includes handcuffs, blindfold and feather to explore the sensitivity of your partner.

          – Last but not least.

          If you purchase Lovers Premium products above the 60 euro you will receive the massage for lovers DVD for free. You will discover the secrets of how to give or receive a sensual and erotic massage that will please the both of you. Follow the Lovers Premium couple and learn with them how to create the perfect setting, using erotic massage oils and enjoying the full collection of Lovers Premium erotic spa and wellness massagers.

          Multilingual: English, Spanish, French, and more

          time approx. 65min.

          We welcome you in our store to discover the full collection and we hope you enjoyed.

          99pleasures wish you the best for your relationship and hope we could have mean something on how to spice up your sex life with passion and romance. Discover also our big range of other products at – your adult toy store.

          We have for everybody something. Again wish you the best in your sexual life.



          Funny adult bath toys


          Are you in search of an adorable and entertaining bath companion. Toys that are cute, indiscreet and gives you pleasure in your bathtub or jacuzzi. Alone or with your partner, these funny adult bath toys are an original choice.

          Discover the “I rub my Duckie” collection from “Big Teaze Toys”. A line of waterproof, personal massagers disguised as that icon of playfulness, The rubber Duckie. Funny and innovative. You will love them.

          Big Teaze Toys: Toys that play with you.

          Created in 1997 by Tony Levine, Big Teaze Toys is a Los Angeles-based product design and manufacturing company with as goal creating fun and innovative products for adults.

          The best known product is “I rub my Duckie”. It received international attention from consumers and mainstream media with their unique, cute and innovative look.

          All the toys meet international safety standards and are completely free of latex, heavy metals and phthalates. the products are lab tested to assure their compliance and safety.

          Since, these products are a softer version of the common adult toys. They sell well as a mainstream household product for the bathroom.

          The “I Rub My Duckie” Collection.

          “I Rub My Duckie” Collection is available in different funny versions.

          1. I Rub My Duckie ® Classic
          2. I Rub My Duckie ® Paris
          3. I Rub My Duckie ® Bondage Series
          4. I Rub My Duckie ® Collector Series

          I Rub My Duckie® Classic.

          I Rub My Duckie® is the vibrating rubber duckie that started a revolution in discreet personal massagers. Perfect for in the bathtub or in the jacuzzi. The quiet 3 speed motor provides powerful waves of pleasure up and over the head and tail to soothe the stress and tensions of your day. Waterproof and playful, I Rub My Duckie® is the most adorable, funny and entertaining bath companion one could wish for.


          Almost half the size of the Classic original floating toy, The Travel-Size I Rub My Duckie ® is packed with power and ready to go on any adventure. Don’t let his compact size fool you – he might be small, but he is verry mighty! This little Duckie offers amazingly strong vibrations and is still quiet and waterproof, Beware. Available in different colors.


          I Rub My Duckie® Paris.

          The embodiment of the Parisian style and seDucktion, elegantly dressed in a feathered boa with a genuine Swarovski crystal beak jewel like the Moulin rouge style, her name is Paris. Waterproof, removable boa and verry discreet. Available in different colors.


          I Rub My Duckie® Bondage series.

          This little Duckie is into Hardcore Fashion. Never one to sacrifice glamour for sexiness, this naughty vixen is designed to please and to tease With a luminous, ultra-feminine laced corset, spiked collar and a genuine Swarovski crystal in her sparkling silver beak, the Bondage Fashionista sexy Duckie is just the right size to slip into your bag or pocket to make all your trips a sexy adventure. When you’re ready for pleasure, her quiet, but surprisingly powerful, vibrations will get you in touch with your ruff side.You will make the bathroom wet.


          I Rub My Duckie® Collectors series.

          All over the world animal hats are all the rage in fashion-forward stores… “What is it with humans… and ravers alike?”, these furry head warmers are adorable and now available in the Big Teaze Toys, Furry Hoodie Collection. I Rub My Duckie® with Kitty Hoodie, is the 1st in the series of these collectibles


          I Rub My Duckie | Pirate – Travel Size.

          The 3rd release in the Collector’s Serie and quite the handsome scallywag, dressed in period costume and (removable) captain’s hat. Like all I Rub My Duckie products, the Pirate Duckie is strong and quiet. The perfect bath toy.

          “Big Teaze Toys” Offers other adult bath toys as well.

          -The rocket Vibrator.

          Meet the Rocket Vibrator! It’s the new toy by “Big Teaze Toys”. Shaped like a retro-styled rocket, this vibe will take you to the stars and back for more. It’s streamlined for easier insertion. With a flared base for a good grip. The Rocket Vibrator will bring you to seventh heaven.

          The Rocket Vibrator is a high-quality waterproof vibe. The vibe is easy to use and is designed for a fun pleasure product that’s not sleazy, not super slick or hyper feminine, but fun, functional and affordable.

          Like all “Big Teaze Toys” products The Rocket Vibrator contains no latex, phthalates or heavy metals. It’s 12.7cm tall and comes with the Lunar display stand. Available in courageous red and fearless yellow

          -The kokeshi series.

          Originally made during The Edo period in Japan (1600-1868). This Traditional Kokeshi Dolls were crafted by Kijiya artisans in the Miyagi prefecture to sell to visitors. Who came to bathe and relax in the local hot springs. The waterproof, battery-powered Kokeshi dancers features a quiet motor to bring you 3 speeds of pleasurable vibrations.

          Again like all “Big Teaze Toys” products, Kokeshi dancers contains no latex, phthalates or heavy metals. Available in two collectible styles, these exotic companions add a sensual element to your spa or bath.



          – Shop the full collection here at 99pleasures

          Discover the full “Big Teaze Toys” collection here at We are official re-sellers and are pleased to help you out if you have any questions. Your daily bath or spa session will be funny with this adult bath toys. Enjoy.

          Shunga – Erotic massage oils and creams.


          The Shunga (春画) erotic art collection has been created for genuine lovers. Who embraced it as a form of art. Its inspired by Japanese erotic art works from the 16th till the 18th century, with the history of the Shunga.

          The erotic massage oils and creams are acting as a medium between lovers to increase your peak of sexual arousal and you’re intimate union.

          History of the Japanese erotic art

          Shunga is a Japanese term for sensual or erotic art. Most of the Shunga art is executed in Woodblock or Woodcut print format or a type of Ukiyo-e print (The image is carved into the surface of a block of wood, leaving the surface for the printing parts).

          Translated literally, The Japanese word Shunga means “picture of spring” and “spring” is a very common euphemism for sex.
          Shunga was heavily influenced by the Chinese medicine manuals. They started in the Muromachi Era (1336 to 1573). Zhou Fang, a Tang Dynasty Chinese painter. Could also have been influential for the Shunga.

          It was enjoyed by both men and woman no matter which classes. But the Shunga may have been a guidance for the sons and daughters of rich families.

          The style reached its peak in the Edo period (1603 to 1867). “The garden of Edo” massage oils and creams are dedicated to this period. Edo period Shunga expresses the world of contemporary sexual possibilities.

          The start of the Shunga erotic art collection

          Everything Started in Montreal (Canada) in 1988. Sylvain Seguin, creator/designer in partnership with Manon Vallee, idea manager/cosmetologist. Decided to start their high end cosmetic company: Eau zone & Fragrances was born. Distributed in several countries, their company grew rapidly.

          Twelve years of success followed, till 2000. When the couple decided to launch a brand new intimate cosmetic product line: “Shunga Erotic art”. 100% made in Canada. The products are designed for couples that love to enjoying sensual and erotic care products.

          The Various packaging are designed with Shunga art work and smooth lines reminiscent of Japanese design. Their contents are treasures for arousal, massage oils and creams, aphrodisiac oils, body powders, lubricants, love-enticing balm products and many more.

          The Shunga packaging is exquisitely crafted to be a treat for the eye. It will enhance all living rooms and bedrooms. Leaving you the feeling of pleasure, magic, and sensuality. It will embrace you and your partner.

          Shunga’s erotic product line

          Let’s take a closer look at some products of The Shunga erotic line and see what they have to offer.

          These are the products that we selected.


          1) Shunga – Massage Oil Amour Sweet Lotus


          Shunga massage oil amour sweet Lotus

          The Shunga massage oil: amour sweet lotus is a very refreshing massage oil with an exotic accent. Enjoy receiving or giving a sensual massage. These oils were carefully selected for their stimulating effect. The feeling will overcome you.

          2) Shunga – Dragon Intensifying cream

          Shunga Intensifying Dragon Cream

          This is the less intense version of the Dragon intensifying cream offered by Shunga. Enjoy 30-45min of fire &ice; sensation. It is based on a Japanese ritual. It goes that after returning from the battle the warrior’s wife would apply some virility balm on the warrior’s penis.

          His manhood would change in a giant dragon filled with energy and power. So he could pleasure his lover all night long as a reward that she was waiting for him that long.



          3) Shunga – Aphrodisiac Warming Oil Blazing Cherry 100 ml

          Shunga - Aphrodisiac Warming Oil Blazing Cherry 100 ml


          This is a delicious warming oil created especially to excite the erogenous parts. Your warm breath and kisses will activate the stimulating and sensual feeling that goes with it. The very aromatic smell of the blazing cherry will fruity activate your senses.


          4) Shunga – Massage Cream Pear 200 ml

          Shunga - Massage Cream Pear 200 ml

          Massage your partner sensually with this massage cream with the taste of pear. Get close to your partner and feel the softness of their skin against yours. Your sexual tension will rise till the peak of erotism. The cream will leave the skin tasting delicious.

          5) Shunga – Rain of Love Arousal Cream

          Every woman has a g-spot. Stimulating the g-spot can lead to intense feelings and new heights of sexual arousal, even attend multiple orgasms during the act of love. Use the rain of love product to find the g-spot, alone or with your partner. Spice up your sex life, to reach the ultimate orgasm pleasure with this erotic massage cream.

          The Shunga philosophy

          At Shunga but also at 99pleasures we believe that within each person exists an erotic and sexual being. Ready to satisfy his or her partner. To reach higher levels of intimacy and ecstasy. With this idea in mind, Shunga designed his products to help couples to rediscover their sexuality, their sensuality with new sensations that can lead them to seventh heaven.

          In this world where people are stressed, thinking about themselves, living the fast life, and don’t make time for each other. Means that Shunga is a perfect erotic product collection to escape this fast life and reuniting and connecting back people with love, pleasure, sensuality and discovering new horizons of sexuality.

          Shunga erotic massage oils and creams: Final thoughts

          If you’re in search of good massage oils, creams, lubricants or something else for your erotic nights. And you’re interested in trying out a new erotic adult product line. We would recommend it to anyone who wants a great sensual massage and values organic quality products. But if you aren’t sure which one to choose, a gift set could be a nice idea.

          You can try “The Garden of Edo” collection or “The Carnal Pleasures” collection. You can find the full range of Shunga erotic art products here at 99pleasures.

          We wish you the best and hopefully after reading this article you will run with your partner to your “boom boom room” for quality time. And don’t forget to cherish your lover. Life is too short and life is about giving love.

          Enjoy this magical journey.

          Greets from us,

 Where pleasure meets elegancy and innovation.




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