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Shunga – Erotic massage oils and creams.


The Shunga (春画) erotic art collection has been created for genuine lovers. Who embraced it as a form of art. Its inspired by Japanese erotic art works from the 16th till the 18th century, with the history of the Shunga.

The erotic massage oils and creams are acting as a medium between lovers to increase your peak of sexual arousal and you’re intimate union.

History of the Japanese erotic art

Shunga is a Japanese term for sensual or erotic art. Most of the Shunga art is executed in Woodblock or Woodcut print format or a type of Ukiyo-e print (The image is carved into the surface of a block of wood, leaving the surface for the printing parts).

Translated literally, The Japanese word Shunga means “picture of spring” and “spring” is a very common euphemism for sex.
Shunga was heavily influenced by the Chinese medicine manuals. They started in the Muromachi Era (1336 to 1573). Zhou Fang, a Tang Dynasty Chinese painter. Could also have been influential for the Shunga.

It was enjoyed by both men and woman no matter which classes. But the Shunga may have been a guidance for the sons and daughters of rich families.

The style reached its peak in the Edo period (1603 to 1867). “The garden of Edo” massage oils and creams are dedicated to this period. Edo period Shunga expresses the world of contemporary sexual possibilities.

The start of the Shunga erotic art collection

Everything Started in Montreal (Canada) in 1988. Sylvain Seguin, creator/designer in partnership with Manon Vallee, idea manager/cosmetologist. Decided to start their high end cosmetic company: Eau zone & Fragrances was born. Distributed in several countries, their company grew rapidly.

Twelve years of success followed, till 2000. When the couple decided to launch a brand new intimate cosmetic product line: “Shunga Erotic art”. 100% made in Canada. The products are designed for couples that love to enjoying sensual and erotic care products.

The Various packaging are designed with Shunga art work and smooth lines reminiscent of Japanese design. Their contents are treasures for arousal, massage oils and creams, aphrodisiac oils, body powders, lubricants, love-enticing balm products and many more.

The Shunga packaging is exquisitely crafted to be a treat for the eye. It will enhance all living rooms and bedrooms. Leaving you the feeling of pleasure, magic, and sensuality. It will embrace you and your partner.

Shunga’s erotic product line

Let’s take a closer look at some products of The Shunga erotic line and see what they have to offer.

These are the products that we selected.


1) Shunga – Massage Oil Amour Sweet Lotus


Shunga massage oil amour sweet Lotus

The Shunga massage oil: amour sweet lotus is a very refreshing massage oil with an exotic accent. Enjoy receiving or giving a sensual massage. These oils were carefully selected for their stimulating effect. The feeling will overcome you.

2) Shunga – Dragon Intensifying cream

Shunga Intensifying Dragon Cream

This is the less intense version of the Dragon intensifying cream offered by Shunga. Enjoy 30-45min of fire &ice; sensation. It is based on a Japanese ritual. It goes that after returning from the battle the warrior’s wife would apply some virility balm on the warrior’s penis.

His manhood would change in a giant dragon filled with energy and power. So he could pleasure his lover all night long as a reward that she was waiting for him that long.



3) Shunga – Aphrodisiac Warming Oil Blazing Cherry 100 ml

Shunga - Aphrodisiac Warming Oil Blazing Cherry 100 ml


This is a delicious warming oil created especially to excite the erogenous parts. Your warm breath and kisses will activate the stimulating and sensual feeling that goes with it. The very aromatic smell of the blazing cherry will fruity activate your senses.


4) Shunga – Massage Cream Pear 200 ml

Shunga - Massage Cream Pear 200 ml

Massage your partner sensually with this massage cream with the taste of pear. Get close to your partner and feel the softness of their skin against yours. Your sexual tension will rise till the peak of erotism. The cream will leave the skin tasting delicious.

5) Shunga – Rain of Love Arousal Cream

Every woman has a g-spot. Stimulating the g-spot can lead to intense feelings and new heights of sexual arousal, even attend multiple orgasms during the act of love. Use the rain of love product to find the g-spot, alone or with your partner. Spice up your sex life, to reach the ultimate orgasm pleasure with this erotic massage cream.

The Shunga philosophy

At Shunga but also at 99pleasures we believe that within each person exists an erotic and sexual being. Ready to satisfy his or her partner. To reach higher levels of intimacy and ecstasy. With this idea in mind, Shunga designed his products to help couples to rediscover their sexuality, their sensuality with new sensations that can lead them to seventh heaven.

In this world where people are stressed, thinking about themselves, living the fast life, and don’t make time for each other. Means that Shunga is a perfect erotic product collection to escape this fast life and reuniting and connecting back people with love, pleasure, sensuality and discovering new horizons of sexuality.

Shunga erotic massage oils and creams: Final thoughts

If you’re in search of good massage oils, creams, lubricants or something else for your erotic nights. And you’re interested in trying out a new erotic adult product line. We would recommend it to anyone who wants a great sensual massage and values organic quality products. But if you aren’t sure which one to choose, a gift set could be a nice idea.

You can try “The Garden of Edo” collection or “The Carnal Pleasures” collection. You can find the full range of Shunga erotic art products here at 99pleasures.

We wish you the best and hopefully after reading this article you will run with your partner to your “boom boom room” for quality time. And don’t forget to cherish your lover. Life is too short and life is about giving love.

Enjoy this magical journey.

Greets from us, Where pleasure meets elegancy and innovation.




20 thoughts on “Shunga – Erotic massage oils and creams.

  1. The Japanese have nailed this! As a westerner, I find this stuff pretty interesting.and slowly but surely I’m changing my views on a lot of stuff. These look like pretty good products.

  2. @OwenGigg thx for the reply appreciate it. These products are very interesting.
    If you enjoy a nice massage or you like to give a massage with an erotic touch you will like to use these products.


  3. Great products. You are right, the Japanese nailed it with the Shunga Erotic massage oils and creams. I used them a while ago with my then boyfriend. Maybe time to get some more products. They are great! Good review!

  4. @Matts’s Mom thx for the comment. Great that you have tried already this products they are special. Beautiful smells, relaxing feelings and a elegant package. The Shunga art is beautiful to.
    Thx again

  5. Great review!
    You gave me a lot of great ideas, and I was surprised that there was so much to know about massage oils and creams.
    I will try Shunga-Rain of Love Arousal cream for sure.
    Thank you

  6. Hey Diego,

    That’s very interesting. I can’t wait to purchase this one for my wife and start using it. I’m beyond excited, for real.

    1. Hi Derek,
      And welcome.
      If you have a sensitive skin I would recommend you the massage oils Organica range. They are 100% organic certified ingredients. The oils are cold pressed and NON-greasy. No minerals and animal oils. Others like the creams and lotions are not causing problems like itching, burning or skin irritation of any kind for people with a tuff or normal skin type. If you have a very sensitive skin I would recommend to ask to a specialist.
      Hope this helped

    1. Hi Lerakinz,
      Nice choice. I tried the range and it is a magical range.
      I mean the products are from high quality and ecological friendly.The experiences varies from people to people but in general its does his job. What you see and read is definitely what you get.

  7. Hi there,
    I really learned a lot about the history of Shunga. I did not know any of this before. Thanks for the information about the products that are available. Very interesting and informative. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Yes there available in Canada. We have a big range of oils, lotions, creams,…

      From different Brands.
      Always welcome


  8. This article opened my eyes to what other massage oils and creams are out there and what purposes they serve. I can’t say I’ve ever bought a massage oil or cream to this degree but now that I know what Shunga means and how effective they really are, It’ll be something to keep in mind for the future. The fact that they are relaxing speaks high volumes, and it’s enough to convince me. I use plenty of massage and oils for pain and inflammation, but I’ll have to expand my reach. Thanks for sharing!

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